We come from sex. Our sexual energy is our life force energy. Open and strong sexual energy contributes toward our vitality, creativity and sense of well-being.

While our sexual desires may be a natural part of who we are, our ability to express our sexuality is often learned. The understanding of and use of our sexual energies is not common knowledge.

The word magic is derived from the ancient word magos “one of the members of the learned and priestly class,” from O.Pers. magush, possibly from PIE *magh- “to be able, to have power.” [Quoted from Online Etymology Dictionary].

Sexual Magic refers to an ancient science that has been known and protected by the purest, most spiritually advanced human beings, whose purpose and goal is the harnessing and perfection of our sexual forces. A more accurate translation of Sexual Magic would be “sexual priesthood.”

In ancient times, the priest was always accompanied by a priestess, for they represent the divine forces at the base of all creation: the masculine and feminine, the Yab-Yum, Ying-Yang, Father-Mother: the Elohim.

True, upright, heavenly Sexual Magic is the natural harnessing of our latent forces, making them active and harmonious with nature and the divine.

Sex transmutation is the most powerful tool in existence when it comes to creation, invention, accomplishment, creativity, advancement, and achievement.sex does not need to be a drain of energy. Tantrist practice the art of sex in the practice of Tantra.

Tantra shows how sexual energy actually can increase a person’s energy and make their energy field radiate even brighter and with more power.  When you understand the incredible power of sexual energy, you can actually use it to help manifest your heart’s desire.

Here are six simplistic yet effective ways to use the power of sex:

1. Take a picture of what it is that you want to manifest. Say for example, you want to manifest a new car. Get an actual picture of the car you want to own; maybe from a boat catalog. Take a felt pen and write on the bottom of the picture, “THIS IS MY CAR.”

2. Mediate, visualize, and daydream about the car. See yourself driving your new car. Fully throw yourself into the experience by engaging all your senses in your meditation/visualization.

3. After about a week of meditating on the car you plan to own, make several copies of the photo. Place these photos all around your bedroom. Tape them to all the walls and include some on the ceiling.

4. Begin sexual activity. In this kind of work it is best to engage in slow sex with focus on sexual intercourse. Find positions that where you can keep your eyes on your new car.

5. Maintain your focus, position and rhythm for about 3 to 7 times without ejaculation or orgasm. This will take a bit of self control.

6. Finally, making certain you are looking at the picture of the new car, allow yourself orgasm. As you orgasm keep your eyes open so that you send all that energy into your new car

Allow this energy to propel you toward your desire for a week or two and then do it again. You are energizing you positive intention and moving closer to your goal using sexual energy. Using energy this was is a powerful tool for reprogramming your sub-conscious mind, and removing counter intentions.  Soon you will be driving a new car!

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