Who Am I?

Radha is one of the world’s Tantra experts, with deep expertise in Tantra and spirituality.

She is one of the foremost experts in Tantra massage, Reiki, and other spiritual knowledge.

One Client described Radha as, “A veritable engine of personal development, relationships, massage and Tantra whiz “

Radha’s background includes many years in the fields of relationships, Tantra and spirituality skills. She is Fully qualified Reiki Grand master/Teacher (Usui, Kyndalini), Reiki Therapist, Tantric healer, Osho therapist , she took part in Veetmano’s training “Emotional Freedom”and received the certificate and much more.

She also got her Aghori initiation and go along this path. Several years ago, she began an apprenticeship with a Tibetan Shaman and Aghori, who initiated her into the Tamang Bon Jhankri tradition, Mahakali Tantra, Tibetan Sorcery and the Tibetan form of the Kapalika Aghora Path, her spiritual name is Radha Sundari.

Aghora is the apotheosis of Tantra, the spiritual practice whose Supreme deity is the Great Mother Goddess, Mahakali. Aghora is defined as “filled with Light; illumined; deeper than deep.” Apotheosis is defined as “ a glorified personification of a principle or idea. Thus, Aghora is Tantra taken to a higher level, and not just any Tantra but the Left-Hand Path. Dr. Robert Svoboda has this to say about Aghora: “Aghora is not indulgence, it is the forcible transformation of Darkness into Light, of the opacity of the limited individual personality into the luminescence of the Absolute. Renunciation disappears once you arrive at the Absolute because then nothing remains to renounce. An Aghori goes so deeply into Darkness, into all things undreamable to ordinary mortals, that he comes out into Light.”Aghora is the next step beyond Tantra in the process of service to the Goddess. Awareness is the first law of survival in combat, in survival in the wilderness and as an Aghora Shaman or Sorcerer.

According to the great Aghora mystic Vimalananda, “To be really aware you must be able to know simultaneously what is going on thousands of miles away today, what may have happened here centuries ago, what will happen anywhere in the world centuries from now, and what is occurring, has occurred, and will occur on other planes of existence. And you still act as if you know nothing. You must just sit and talk with people and play the part that Nature has assigned you.” Awareness!

  • I invite you to experience your Aliveness through Tantra massage……It’s our Birthright!

  •  Tantric Massage Touch is a Path to Awakening and Experiencing our life force energy, otherwise known as sexual energy.

  • Tantra massage is a hands-on, energy based style of bodywork, which uses sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove obstructions to one’s natural flow of energy through the channels of the body.

  • The removal of these obstructions is essential for a man to be able to return to his true masculinity as a body-felt experience.

  • Tantra massage enables the man to reconnect with his internal power, his sense of authority and personal integrity.


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Radha Sundari
Radha SundariSpiritual Healer, Tantra Expert

Some of my highlights

Radha has been an Apprentice of mine for a few years now, and she continually applies herself to her studies learning and growing along the way. She is exceptionally powerful, has a good mind, and genuinely cares for those whom she works with. In our medicine society we determine a Teacher to have been a success when they have trained someone who can replace them and do what they do better in the end. I suspect that Radha will be one of those most exceptional Apprentices for me. Radha has a unique spiritual and psychic energy in that anyone who sees her, even in a picture, receives both healing and empowering energy. This tells me that anyone who is blessed to have her work on them in person will be pleased with the results beyond their wildest dreams, and that the benefits will continue to manifest long after the session is over. If anyone has questions concerning her training then feel free to contact me in person

During a Tantric Massage session you receive a massage that doesn’t exclude or focus on any body part. You are coached into breathing properly during the duration of the massage. You can either go the bliss road or the orgasmic road. We discourage both as they are just stepping stones. I aim at assisting you to take charge of your sexual energy, to combine it with your life force (who you really are) and to live life to the fullest.

Tantra Bliss With Radha Sundari, Authentic Tantra Massage In Moscow!

There’s a real buzz around Tantric Massage. Many people have heard of it, but how many people really know what it means? There is a power, a beauty and depth in Tantra Massage, it has as the capacity to transform, to uplift and to heal. Tantric touch is a path to awakening and experiencing our life force energy, otherwise known as sexual energy. I invite you to awaken to the aliveness of your being, and to develop an intimate connection with yourself and others.