Tantra doesn’t resist anything. It doesn’t make anything “other” or foreign to you. It is a tool to reweave you into a sense of union with what you are actually and already part of.

In other words, Tantra says YES! to everything… As one teacher has put it…Tantra is a great yea-sayer; it says yes to everything.  It has nothing like “no” in its vocabulary, there is no negation. It never says no to anything, because with “no” the fight starts, with “no” you become the ego. The moment you say no to anything, you have become the ego already; a conflict has come in, now you are at war.


Tantra loves, and loves unconditionally. It never says no to anything whatsoever, because everything is part of the whole, and everything has its own place in the whole, and the whole cannot exist without anything missing from it.


It is said that even if a drop of water is missing, the whole existence will thirst. You pluck a flower in the garden, and you have plucked something out of the whole existence. You harm a flower, and you have harmed millions of stars — because everything is interrelated. The whole exists as a whole, as an organic whole. This Cosmic “Yes!” is available to you and me, always, in all places. It happens to be a very happy place in which to live. It is often drowned out by the noise of TV and cynicism, and by fear in all its forms. You have to remember that some people thrive on creating fear. It’s their business.

If there were nothing to fear, people would be out making love and having fun instead of learning how to blow themselves up or staying glued to their television and watching ads and buying and hoarding stuff to feel safe or

They are purveyors of the localized “no” which distracts you from the opportunity to live your Cosmic “Yes.”
You probably have friends who do that. Or parents. Or voices within you that say no. Voices that keep you from embracing this delicious, aromatic, sonorous, complex, simple, breathing, heaving, confusing, wet, teeming world in all its overwhelming wonder.

You find a glimpse of this Cosmic Yes with little kids. They get it. You find it buried here and there in the Psalms, where the stones and hills are understood to be singing praise.  You see it in the writings of William Blake and R. W. Emerson and of course, the poetry of the Muslim Sufi mystics, Rumi and Hafez.

Tantra says yes unconditionally.“No”disappears; from your very being “no”disappears. When there is no “no,” how can you fight? How can you be at war? You simply merge and melt. You become one. The boundaries are there no more. “No” creates the boundary.

“No” is the boundary around you. Whenever you say no, watch — immediately something closes in. Whenever you say yes, your being opens.

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