There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the word “Soulmate”. Many of you may think you can only have one soulmate in a lifetime, and it’s based off romantic relationships. In fact a soulmate can be anyone that steps into your life and you have a bond or connection with this being, and most of us have had more than one soulmate. It is not just intimate partners. Soulmates can be a friend, a child, or a family member.

The idea about soulmates suggest that you may have a sense that you have known this person(s) before. As in another lifetime, which you most likely did. We spiritualist call that your “soul family”. There is an instant attraction or magnetism. You quickly discover you always knew them as a soul.

Many of us will experience more than one soulmate in our lifetime. They can quickly come into our lives and quickly disappear or they may stay for awhile. Often, we have unsettled karma to deal with our soulmates to make room for our new relationships. They help us learn lessons we need in this lifetime. You may be tested in your relationship with your soulmate.


Twinflames are different from soulmates. Twinflames are just as the name says–your twin soul, in that they are one and the same as yours, which was divided between the two at birth or during creation.

Let me explain. Each of us, when created as a soul prior to this lifetime, had two parts of our soul sharing the same blueprint, then it was divided. Naturally all things have a dual qualities such as masculine/feminine (Yin/Yang) and so does the soul. There is a theory that we experience many lifetimes, learning from and having mental, emotional and spiritual experiences with soulmates until one day we are reunited with our “other half ”.

Once you begin to work on yourself, clear all negativity, stay high vibrational, balance your life, and have a pure connection with the universe; you will reunite with your eternal flame. Your twin flame will be your mirror image; it will be an intense connection. You can only have one twinflame!

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