Ask yourself a question, – can you love selflessly? And what does it mean to love selflessly? Just for nothing, independently from circumstances, situations, personal achievements and merits, in spite of unacceptable attitude towards you. Are you able for this kind of love? Can this kind of unconditional love be directed to some definite person? If love ceases to depend on conditions and circumstances it grows into some more general and fundamental feeling not being related to any specific subject.

We always believe that our friends and close people must love us unselfishly, but having noticed that their feelings are not so holy but connected with our deeds we blame them in being self-centered.

Demand of love is a serious problem in romantic relationship. Partners are aspiring for this unconditional love believing with all their hearts that this is how things should be. We are convinced in our own importance and uniqueness and when we do not get deserved love and attention we immediately confront disappointment and frustration. Love by force does not exist. Forced love is not love but psychological violence. We should remember that demands kill real feeling. Artificial always suppresses natural. Real and sincere feelings are spontaneous. Obligations and duties destroy the chance for real love.

Do you want love? Be honest and make up conditions for its development and growth. Are you satisfied with mendacious imitation? Then keep demanding and beg.

We must be ready to change our own requirements. Life may seem tough without rights for unconditional love but being responsible mature and selfless person will help us to become eventually happy.

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