“Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher.”

William Wordsworth

When did you last sit on the earth, closed eyes……And inhale the scent of the surrounding garden air? …Get your hands dirty with soil? …Practice presence to your body, just the way it is? …Be with your bowl of nourishing organic goodness, before you consciously enjoy each mouthful? Or simply taste your food… really, taste your food?

“The second thing about food is that the state of our mind when we eat is much more important than what we eat. Food will affect you differently if you eat joyously, happily, or if you eat when you are filled with sadness and worry.

“If you are eating in a worried state, then even the best food will have a poisonous effect. And if you are eating with joy, then it is possible that sometimes even poison may not be able to have its total effect on you – it is very possible. So what state of mind you eat in is important.

“Then what about your situation? – you live in worry for twenty-four hours a day. It is a miracle how the food you eat gets digested, how existence manages it in spite of you! You have no wish to digest it. It is absolutely a miracle how it gets digested. And how you remain alive is also a miracle! Your state of mind should be graceful and blissful.

“But in your houses the dining table is in the most gloomy state. The wife waits the whole day for her husband to come home to eat and all the emotional sickness she has gathered in twenty-four hours comes out just when the husband is eating. She does not know that she is doing the work of an enemy. She does not know that she is serving poison on her husband’s plate.

“The husband is also afraid and worried after the whole day’s work — he somehow dumps the food into his stomach and leaves. He has no idea that the act which he has finished so quickly and has run away from should have been a prayerful one. It was not an act which should have been done in a hurry. It should have been done in the same way as someone entering a temple, or as someone kneeling to pray, or as someone sitting to play his veena, or as somebody singing a song for the beloved. This act is even more important: he is giving food to his body. It should be done in a state of tremendous blissfulness; it should be a loving and prayerful act.

“The more happily and joyously and the more relaxed and without worry a person can take his meal, the more his food starts becoming the right food.

“A violent diet does not only mean that a man eats non-vegetarian food: it is also a violent diet when a man eats with anger. Both of these things are violent. While eating in anger, in suffering, in worry, man is also eating violently. He does not realize at all that just as he is violent when eating the flesh of something else, so when his own flesh burns up inside due to anger and worry, violence is present there too. Then the food which he is eating cannot be non-violent.

“The other part of right-food is that you should eat in a very peaceful, a very joyful state. If you are not in such a state, then it is better to wait until you are and not to eat for a while. When the mind is absolutely ready, only then should you eat your meals. How long will it take for the mind to be ready? If you are aware enough to wait, then at the most it can remain disturbed for only a day. But you have never bothered to listen to it; you have made eating food a completely mechanical process. You put food into the body and then leave the dining table — it is no longer a psychological process, and that is dangerous.

“On the body level, right-food should be healthy, non-stimulating and non-violent; on the psychological level the mind should be in a blissful state, graceful and joyous; and on the level of the soul there should be a feeling of gratefulness, of thankfulness. These three things make food the right food.

“You are eating food, you are drinking water, you are breathing — you should have a sense of gratefulness for all this. Towards all of life, toward the whole world, toward the whole universe, toward all of nature, toward the divine, there should be a feeling of gratefulness: ‘I have received one more day to live. Once more I have received food to eat. For one more day I am seeing the sun, seeing the flowers blossoming. I am again alive today.’

“This feeling, this feeling of gratitude should be present in all aspects of life — and very particularly concerning your diet. Only then can your diet become the right-diet.”

Osho, The Inner Journey, Talk #3

Tantra is the cultivation of our selves into more loving beings. It is the weaving of contradictory aspects of our selves into a harmonious whole. I will stop… these are just more half-empty words that do not do the experience justice. These words and the words of all books on the subject are, to some extent, riddles and euphemistic dry seeds that will only spring to life behind the metaphoric doors of the teacher’s temple. Ultimately, the essence of Tantra can only be truly known by direct, raw experience, initially with another experienced practitioner.

The entire being is a conduit for the transmission of Tantra. Here enters the relevance of raw food: I find that I am the most effective, sensitive, and powerful conduit when I am nourished by raw, organic, vegan food.

So how then, when I am eating exclusively raw, organic food, does it help me to be a better conduit? Eating 100% raw has certain side effects, but this information does not come from the results of any extensive clinical studies as the idea doesn’t seem to be too popular with the pharmaceutical companies that generally fund such endeavors. These side effects, however, are well known to many who have experienced the diet in a well balanced way for any sustained period. In other words, raw food (especially in combination with yoga and any amount of naked time in the sun) is the best high on the planet. But please, don’t take my word for it. Conduct your own experiment.

These lovely side effects can include

∇ BEAUTY — your skin will look younger and tighter and your hair will have a naturally beautiful glow to it.

 GREAT STOOL — one of the first things you’ll notice after going raw (even after 1 day), is an improvement to your digestion. You’ll forget the words: constipation, gas and hemorrhoids. Vegetarians hardly get such things, let alone raw vegans!

∇ WEIGHT LOSS — you will start to naturally lose weight, it will be a healthy loss and will stabilise at the ideal weight for you. Death to «lose-10kg-in-a-week» diets!

∇ BETTER SLEEP — you will have more energy and will sleep better. I’ve noticed that I get up an hour earlier without an alarm and no longer have the usual morning tiredness.

∇ NO MORNING STARVATION — do you ever wake up absolutely starving and rush straight to the kitchen? I used to have that before I went raw, now I can easily hold off for a few hours in the morning before I get hungry.

∇ IMMUNITY — because you will be giving your body more of what it needs, all those lovely vitamins and minerals, it will respond by strengthening its immune system. This winter, everyone around me was sneezing and I wasn’t affected at all until I decided to experiment and eat pasta — immediately my nose was blocked. I don’t need any more proof that raw food was keeping me healthy. A lot of people also use raw food to get rid of some diseases like diabetes and candida once and for all!

 HIGHER VIBRATIONS — from a spiritual point of view, you will be clearing out your body and raising your vibrations. You may start to experience life a little differently, like become more irritated at things that no longer serve your highest good (e.g. smokers, newspapers). You may also notice a mood uplift, which you will spread around!

Are there any negative effects?

When you do something new with your body, it may react a little funny at first. You know how people say it needs to «get worse before it gets better»? You could experience diarrhoea in the first few days, especially if you are not used to taking in so much fibre from fruits and vegetables. You may experience gas and headaches, but this happens very rarely. If anything happens, just think of it as temporary, if you ate McDonalds everyday for the whole week I’m sure your body would react funny too!

Awesome, how do I begin this healthy lifestyle?

The only thing you need to do, is decide that you are ready to change your life for the better and keep your heart open. Try not to get upset if you can’t go 100% raw right away, you had spent so many years «feeding» different habits, noone will look bad at you for having a lasagne once in a while!

Most importantly — LOVE your food! If you don’t like something, don’t force it down just because someone said its «good for you». Your body is the one that knows best whats good for you and what isn’t, so I beg you to start listening to yourself! If you feel that its ok for you to eat cheese, then please go ahead, when the time is right, your body will let you know.

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