An additional assistance to overcoming the past is utilizing the breath.

(The breath is very sacred because it is where spirit and matter meet.) For most of us, our past is complex so we may need to devote several days to this exercise, or spread it out over several weeks, releasing it bit by bit. However, before we can release the past, we need to embrace it, which means going through the steps of recapitulation.

Breathing exercise: Pick one relationship, and start with your head completely turned to the right. Place your tongue as far back behind your upper teeth as you can. As you turn your head 180 degrees to the left, blow out a negative aspect associated with that person. At the end of this step your head will be turned all the way to the left. As you move your head from the left to the right, inhale a positive insight you have gained about yourself as a result of that person. Identify another negative aspect of that relationship and repeat the process. Continue until there is nothing negative left to breathe out.

We know we are finished when there is no emotional charge in us when thinking of this person. For example, if we had a relationship with a partner who insulted and falsely accused us, and we felt we had to constantly defend ourselves, this would wear us down. Then one day we may have blown up in anger and terminated the relationship.

Begin by turning your head all the way to the right and then exhale, releasing the frustration of continually having to defend yourself as you move your head to the left. Then inhale the insight you learned: a luminous being of light with a consciousness as vast as the cosmos, has nothing to defend because we are innocently having a human experience. During the next exhale, release the judgment surrounding the outburst of anger. During the next inhale, breathe in gratitude for having severed a relationship that was binding you because you weren’t allowed to be yourself. Continue this exercise until every issue surrounding this relationship is cleared.

‘How to’ hint: Another method to add to the above technique of overcoming the past, is to go into the woods and gather twigs, having each twig represent a traumatic event in your life. Start a campfire, then position your body so you are facing the south and feed them, one-by-one into the fire. As you physically release the stick, release the person or event—including your pain and emotional attachment to it—and allow Spirit to transmute it. Envision smoke carrying it away.

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