5 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Into Tantra

Let’s be honest, part of the appeal of celebrities is that they’re hot and we like to think about them doin’ it.  Especially for long periods of time. That’s what makes the ancient marathon lovemaking technique known as Tantric sex particularly interesting when celebrities are involved.

With the massive trend of tantric massage becoming more popular each day, it’s not surprising this 6000 year old method of tantric sexual enlightenment is being practiced by even popular celebrities.

1. Heather Graham

Heather Graham first came to stardom playing a porn star, an image she has strived nobly to maintain ever since.  OK, so maybe not with that TV show that literally got canceled after one episode, but by and large, she’s been a sexpot, and thus makes the world a better place, every day.
While playing yet another porn star in a movie called “The Guru,” Graham learned about Tantra and, in her own words, hasn’t looked back.  “The idea is that you let the whole thing build very slowly until finally you merge with your partner. It works for me.”  We’re pretty sure it works for whoever is lucky enough to merge with Heather Graham, too.

2. Sting

I couldn’t go much further without mentioning one of Tantra’s most famous practitioners, Sting.  Well, he might be.  It’s kind of up in the air.  Kind of like Sting’s wife, if he is actually doing Tantra.  The story about Sting having eight-hour marathon Tantra sessions with his wife is, apparently, a joke by fellow rocker Bob Geldof, who is quite possibly the best friend ever to spread a joke like that around.  We wish we had friends claiming we did eight-hour sex marathons.  It’d make dating a lot easier.
Sting himself has, beyond admitting Geldof was just making a joke, been remarkably coy on the subject.  Possibly to spare his children any embarassment, although you’ve got to wonder what kind of person walks up to somebody and says “Hey, I heard your dad can have sex for eight hours.  Is that true?”  Isn’t that really the kind of the thing you hope somebody’s kid doesn’t know?

3. Puff Daddy

Hey, speaking of Sting, the guy who forced himself on “Every Breath You Take” like a drunk on a stripper is apparently into Tantra as well. Maybe he’s just following Sting’s lead on everything.
Yeah, we know, the last thing you want to think about is this guy, in any way, shape or form, let alone his sex life, but unfortunately, Puff Daddy has a Twitter, which he overshares on, as he tweeted an attempt at a thirty-six hour Tantra marathon…and kept tweeting during it.  Somehow, we’re pretty sure if you can tweet during a marathon sex session, you are doing it very, very wrong.

4. Scarlett Johansson

Hey, remember when Josh Hartnett was supposed to be the next big leading man, because, er…well…we’re not sure.  We just know that he was supposed to be.  Instead he became one of those character actors you recognize and who seems to be in everything.
Oh, and he’s had Tantric sex with Scarlett Johannsen.  Apparently, Hartnett was given a book on it for his birthday and tried it out with her.  Johannsen hasn’t mentioned anything about it since, but we’re going to assume that we live in a world where somebody is having lengthy sex sessions with Scarlet Johansson, because otherwise, there is no justice in this world.

5. Tom Hanks

Look, I had a lot of options for this one, but there’s no picture that makes the mental image of Tom Hanks engaging in Tantric sex go away.  Believe us, we tried.  We tried everything in the medicine AND liquor cabinets.  It just made the image more vivid.
Thankfully, the evidence we have of this is fairly limited, just one statement from his wife, Rita Wilson, about Tantric sex making a happy marriage.  But that’s really all we need.  Let’s just focus on Heather Graham and Scarlett Johansson, OK?

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