Belvaspata, in the language of the Infinite, means ‘healing of the heart’. This beautiful healing modality was received by the mystic, healer and Toltec Nagual, Almine.  It tries to neither heal nor fight disease. Instead, the expression of the pure luminosity and harmony that lies within the true Divine You is emphasized by knowing that we are each an eternal being having a human experience.

As Divine Beings of the Infinite, we are all connected. In becoming as One with you during the healing session and envisioning you as pristine perfection, I am assisted by angels who are assigned to bring sacred sigils (a type of drawn writing that hold the frequency of specific qualities) from the Infinite to place where they are most needed within your being. This stimulates the Divine frequencies in you and creates self-healing by shattering blockages in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Sacred light language that represent Angelic beings whose function is to heal

using light and frequency are used during a Belvaspata healing session. These sacred signature writings that describe the name, healing power and frequency of each angel are termed “Sigils”. Similar to dialing a phone number, signing an angel sigil establishes connection between a person and an angel. As the fields merge and create fluidity and expansion with the higher frequency and light, it balances mind, body, and spirit. Use of Belvaspata Sigils is a powerful way to restore the body to its perfection. There are many levels and types of Sigils that hold the qualities of Pure Emotion, Light, Pure States of Being and Heart Energies.

Pure Emotion (Frequency) Sigils work on replacing other emotions such as fear, anger, protectiveness, guilt, and pain with more positive emotions of love, trust, joy and many more. The use of Belvaspata heals as the frequencies of the sacred sigils are drawn to where they are most needed. Bel-vas-pata Healing helps fulfill the new purpose of Life, to help us create health, joy and happiness through the heart.

Healing is never forced and will stay in your field until you become receptive. The benefits of Belvaspata include:

• silencing of the mind
• clarity, awareness, perception and insight
• clearing of anger, guilt, grief and fear
• better sleep and increased energy
• improved communication with others and self
• relief of pain/illness through clearing of blockages
• inner peace and harmony
• realization of self and release of insecurities

What to Expect During a Session
You will rest comfortably on a massage table or bed in a relaxed atmosphere. Together we will do a short meditation to help open you up to the healing and to connect with each other. This meditation to expand the heart helps to facilitate the healing. I then call in the overarching angel of Belvaspata to oversee the healing. Sigils may be drawn over your body, or as I touch your arm, sitting next to you. Sound elixirs are played softly to further open you up and facilitate healing. A session is complete when the sigils for Praise, Love and Gratitude are drawn over your body.

You may experience tingling, heat, cold, images, vibrations, sleepiness, heaviness in the body, energy moving around or nothing at all. If you do not “feel” anything, don’t worry… the healing is still taking place. It is important to drink a lot of water after a session and to try to sit for a few minutes to slowly get back into your daily routine. It is also important to not overanalyze any healing that has taken place. The mind will always try to justify what it cannot explain and in doing so, it can block the healing.

Healing sessions are typically anywhere from 1 – 1.5 hours and are accompanied by specific sound elixirs. These sound elixirs are mystical combinations of sound and music channeled and composed by Almine that enhance a particular area of healing.

Healing is done to assist you in raising your perception. This helps you to see where there is illusion (lack of insight) or identities or belief systems you are holding onto that can cause illness, aging and blockages. The angels also help you to raise your frequency by healing the illusion of separation from the Infinite that causes the “false” emotions of pain, anger, fear and protectiveness, thus allowing for the “pure” emotions such as love, trust, passion and joy (for example) to increase.

Belvaspata heals with light and frequency. It attempts to dispel the illusion underlying disease that separates us from our greater oneness with all of its healing potential. With Belvaspata, light is drawn to illusion and frequency to distortion. Because polarity and duality crumble, healing energies now become available to us.

Belvaspata facilitates the removal of the illusion of all disease as well as distorted emotion and light; as such, it helps us to:

See the perfection of all,

Focus and enhance the perfection,

Assist with the awakening of consciousness and to reveal the underlying perfection,

Assist in the full expression of our being should it be blocked or not expressing fully.

With Belvaspata, we look beyond the physical appearance and manifestation of disease to the existing underlying perfection, focusing on ‘what is’ (i.e., perfection) and removing the focus from ‘what is not’ (i.e., imperfection).

Within Belvaspata there are several specialty bodies of healing.  Below are listed a few of them.


Kaanish Belvaspata is the healing modality of Enlightenment and clears trauma (memories of pain) from current and other lives. There are five phases of Kaanish Belvaspata that must be done in a specific sequence in order to heal these memories that now exist in what is called the ‘pain body’.  Every sigil of Kaanish Belvaspata represents the cosmos. This means that you as the recipient, act as a proxy for the healing of the cosmos. In doing this service for all life, your levels of consciousness increase.


This body of Belvaspata is also known as the Belvaspata of Divinity. The words “Braamish Ananu” mean Holy or Divine Androgynous Gods.  Pain has come through believing we are separate from the Infinite. Braamish Ananu helps you to remember your connection to the Divine and what this means.  For example:

The recognition that I have all.

The recognition that I am all.

The recognition of existence as a devotional prayer.

The recognition of the unfolding wonderment of existence.

The realization that the need to justify comes from the distorted emotion of guilt.

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Listen below to a sample Temple of the Goddess Sound Healing that is used during this session.

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